Another year flown by. Best wishes for 2010, all!
Friday, January 1st 2010

I have been actively modding in 2009, but without posting updates here. I actually took up mapping, and have released two maps: "Return to the Entryway" and "Return to the Cistern". Both are remakes of older id maps (for Doom II and Quake, respectively). The Cistern remake is by far the better, though.

When I'll get around to it, I'll set up a section to showcase those maps here.

Happy New Year

2009! They just keep coming..
Thursday, January 1st 2009
Best wishes for 2009, all! 2008 has been a most productive year, although admittedly not in respect to this website (0 updates in 12 months...). Let's just keep calling it 'tradition' and leave it at that.

Happy New Year

Yup, another new year.
Tuesday, January 1st 2008
Best wishes for 2008, everyone! Make it a good one. And keep on forgiving me for not updating more often..
Even if you read this in march, or june, best wishes apply.

As has become a steady tradition, I've made another card for the holidays.

Happy New Year

And it's 2007 already! Woosh.
Monday, January 1st 2007

The year has come and gone amazingly quickly. Well okay, it lasted exactly a year, as usual, but still. I have made a New Year's card, so here it is. Best wishes!

Happy New Year

Haven't updated this site since the redesign, as everyone (myself included) expected. I haven't been sitting still though, so check out the Generations Arena project. Animating is nearly done, the final class with un-animated weapons left, Earth, is being dealt with. Yes, that does mean that all of DooM's weapons, including the combat shotgun, are fully animated. Right now I'm also working on GUI adjustments. Fun stuff, and it's definitely starting to look like these are the famous 'final touches'. Probably 'touches' that will take months of applying, but it's all good.

Site redesign - part III, or somesuch
Friday, July 7th 2006
Well, this site has been redesigned again. It looks like that's about the only way I can force myself to make acceptably impressive updates. I've been working very hard at the university (BA Philosophy) since september last year, which only partly excuses my lack of updates. Those who've been here before probably know I was never a regular updater.

While updating/upgrading, I regularly smiled inwardly at the benefits of the way I set up the content-system for this site. Without much fuss, I could transfer over many things to a new design, PHP doing all the hard work for me. I did have to rewrite a bit of code to make some optimizations, and the XHTML and CSS2 code had to be rewritten from scratch. That wasn't a problem really, and I've learnt much about webcoding and webdesign since my previous experiment. Now, the site is compliant with W3C standards (excepting a tiny bit of CSS trickery that you'll have to forgive me for).

The update of this site doesn't merely consist of exclusively aesthetic overhaul, but I've changed the content too. Of the previous selection of content, I've only selected the pieces I liked or found particularly noteworthy in my growing history of painting and editing of game art. In quite a few cases I also found the description lacking, or added an extra picture of the skin (not at all unwise, for a skinner's portfolio site). I've also added some material that I've made in the last few years, but never displayed here. I will update the links page soon, too.

Some of the items that have been added:

For those who miss the old design, I've taken the liberty to dedicate some space for shrine/museum/nostalgia purposes. Besides, even though it was piss-ugly, I still think it was a good joke. In retrospect however, not one that I should have kept for over two years..

Enjoy the new site, and feel free to email comments, questions and tips.
Wednesday, August 18th 2004
Well here it is then, folks: my new website.

Actually, it's still the same old site, content-wise. I removed a bit of scrap here and there, but I haven't found the time to add the new Generations .99e bits I've made yet. There will be some, because .99e is a big success, and I've done quite a bit of new models and skins for it. If you haven't played it yet, go grab it and give it a whirl. It's good clean fun.

I'm also about to get started on some work on a fun project for some friends. I'll post some stuff related to that here, when I get a chance.

Friday, April 16th 2004
Finally, this site gets the update it was waiting for, for so long now.
I have not been sitting still all this time, but pq/tabun suggested otherwise for nearly a year now.

The code for the Skins page has been revised, making it easier for you to browse the stuff therein. The old rows took up way too much space, and forced a horrid amount of scrolling for those bold enough to venture deep into it..
If you miss the old descriptions, just hover your mouse over the thumbnails, and voila - there it is. ;]

Content-wise, a lot got added. Ofcourse, most of it is again Generations related. Tons of new items (both my models and skins) and some new weapon skins were added. I've also released a handful of player skins to get some diversity going for the Strogg, Earth and Slipgate classes.

Perhaps the freshest bit I added today, is the GoPlat sliders board I made. You can't miss it, it's very bright, yellow and red - and has a cuteness factor of about 8 on the scale of Cuddly, Master of Care-Bears. Stands out like a nipple on a .. ehr.. well, it's something you don't see every day on my site. :]

Ta-ta, expect more updates later, as usual...
Thursday, February 19th 2004
Ehr.. Yes, I seem to be alive still.

Well, here goes.. my first post in 2004 will be a deja-vu post, because here it is, my newyears card:

Wednesday, February 26th 2003
Ah yes. All in good style.

A big update this time!
I have ...
  • skinned the earth napalm-thrower,
  • started modelling again, and have modelled doom ammo boxes and health items for generations
  • ... And skinned them ofcourse,
  • modelled a few earth health-items,
  • fixed up, unwrapped and skinned the earth class mp40 for generations,
  • modelled and animated a strogg class explosion for generations,
  • worked on a secret project, and poked my nose a whole lot.
All in all, I've been busy. Sorry I haven't updated often, but the stuff mentioned above is now on the site.
Skins in the skins section, unskinned models will appear later, in the 'other' section.


Oh, and because I haven't updated during the holidays, here's the card I made this year:

Tuesday, November 19th 2002
It's been awfully quiet, once again.
Partially, this was because I have been working on TabMessenger - my answer to the foulness that is named MSN Messenger. It basically looks and works like mIRC (including the script language), but for the MSN Messenger protocol.
It started out as a pretty small plaything, just for myself (so I wasn't forced to use MS' horrid client), but it turned out to be a pretty large project. I wonder how I keep rolling into these things. Anyway, It'll be available as careware here soon - it's still being tested by some peeps, I got em talking to eachother about the latest breezer flavor, ftp passwords that they keep losing, senseless questions about sexuality and lots more of the topics that kill our beloved bandwidth every day ;]
Must'n forget to feed them, or this'll be a dead-end project.

*Cough* on a more skinner-type note: I've skinned Phoenix's earth mortar for Generations, which you can have a gander at in the skins section.
Apart from that I've been doing quite a bit of texture work for Resurgence (the Single Player supporting part of Generations) Maps. Pretty much all retro stuff - I've put some of it up in the 2D section, and a texture pack will be released later, together with Generations 1.0 probably.

I'll keep you posted.. sometime later.. soon? No, that'd be a waste of the waiting/delaying/alwaysthesame thing I've got going here.
But it will come...
It shall.
it must..
Wednesday, July 17th 2002
Pfew.. my school project is done and over with!
Still have to do some bits 'n pieces for the Army Museum, but no more awful reports or horrid deadlines. Now I'll have some more time for skinnage, 2d art et cetera.
First thing on the list is the sniper rifle (m82) for Generations Arena - the Earth railgun replacement. If I'll get it done before beta 2 is released, you'll be able to play with it. The second Generations beta will be tons better than the first - especially codewise. Give it a whirl when it's there ;]

Some time ago, when i started on the school project I mentioned before, I finished a skin for Crash's (and Soul's) Strik model. I went for a combination of Bromlike features and it's my best playermodel skin yet. It's up in the skin section, if you want to take a look. It will take some time for the model to get released for any game though.
Also, I finished the Earth Sniper Rifle for Generations Arena, and was one of the last things keeping Wirehead from releasing .99b. Be sure to check their site for this version soon.
Thursday, March 21st 2002
After a short while of my famous inactivity, I finally have done some more creative work.

I turned a sketch into a 2d painting that you can check out in the 2d art section. I decided to make a slideshow of it too, so you can see how it 'evolved' from scratch. You can download it here. I really brushed up on my painting of skintones.
Also, I dug up an old skin for one of Andy's mapobjects (the screamer portal) - which is now on display in the skins section. It's a 1024x1024 rusted metal type skin that I made back in 2001.

Kate asked me to do a dark/creepy-type book, which i sketched, then painted. Both the sketch and the final result are up in the 2d art section.

On another note, I ran into Bobo the seal in #model_design the other day, and he still remembered an old interview on qbranch. Good to know I inspired him back then - even better to see his great stuff at

Monday, January 21st 2002
New year, new site design, methinks.

So here it is. I'll prolly have some new content soon. ;]
Tuesday, December 25th 2001
Merry Christmas and a good New Year, all!
Saturday, December 22nd 2001
With the Generations Arena release behind my back, finally I can work at a slower pace on WireHead images. Didn't do much yet, needless to say, other than paint and sketch a bit in general. Check the 2d section for a couple of shots of those works.

Also, I've made an 8 Mb avi (MPEG4-2 encoded) that shows how I painted one of the pics, for those who are intrested.
I'll make some vids of me painting skins & details later on, since this is just a rough picture, and airbrush only.
Download it here.
Sunday, December 16th 2001
Alrighty then, All strogg weapons for beta0.99a are done (exception: grenade). Generations Arena will be released this thursday, 20 december.
The Rocketlauncher is on display in the skins section.

I did another 2d piece, or actually, just coloured one. Nirrad made a beatiful piece o' lineart, which I doodled on.
Check it out in the 2d section.
Friday, November 30th 2001
No luck on the Strogg weapons yet.. still waiting for uvw unwraps to be finished.
In the meantime, however, I've been working on some mapobject skins. A fresh corpse skin, and a skin for a model that I created myself (it's always fun to see how long it takes one to get 3d std max working, after leaving it alone for years) - little pillar with skulls, that should fit any DooM themed map.

Take a look at both in the skins section.
Friday, November 23rd 2001
I finished some weapons again, check the skins section for the BFG10k and the machinegun. Soon, the weapons for the Strogg class of Generations Arena will be fully done. Finally ;]
Thursday, November 8th 2001
The release of Generations Arena has been postponed. Which, in fact, is a good thing.
Now I can finish some more skins for the Strogg Trooper. The grenadelauncher is done, as well as the supershotgun, both for the Strogg class.

Also, I've finished my first player model skin for generations, namely, Recon for the grunt model. Die hard QuakeII players will recognize this fella.
You can check them all out in the skins section.
Saturday, October 20th 2001
With the upcoming generations arena release (27 oct), one week from now, finally the next weapon is skinned.
The Strogg class railgun has a hide to make it more appealing for it's victims - the last second you live, you can at least look at something nice now.
Check it out in the skins section.
Monday, September 10th 2001
Alrighty then.
I've been having trouble getting work done lately - and yes, i'm a sleazy, lazy bastard! But, i did finish the gen arena chaingun for the strogg class. I seem to have regained my 'speed' in skinning again - the strogg blaster is done aswell. They're both up in the skins section.
Thursday, August 2nd 2001
Last week, on saturday, I returned from my trip to the UK. And finally, I got the pictures developed.
[ pictures taken down ]
Tuesday, July 10th 2001
Egads - I'm single again. Women, gotta love 'em, gotta get hurt by em. Needless to say, after I get my life back on the rail again, i'll have more time available for skinning & drawing.

A fresh pic is a concept drawing of a doctor character that will be used in a machinima. I made it for Cat, who is currently setting up a big movie project, with an eye for art. Check out the 2d section for the doctor.
Monday, May 14th 2001
Slowly but steadily, my page is getting it's old content added, restyled and updated.
The tutorials are added, the links page is back up, with the dead links filtered from it (don't expect those 3dp sites to be up anywhere soon tho), and the skins - player models section is fully up again. Also, the downloadables are all up again.
All Tutorials are back up! I might add some when I learn some new tricks.

Also, in the Skins section, I've added my Generations weapon-skins. My 2D section has Generations stuff added to it aswell. Go have a looksee. ;]
Sunday, April 15th 2001
Welcome to my re-engineered website, finally it's up again!
Most of you probably either never knew I even was alive, the rest may have wondered if I died all of a sudden. Neither is true, and here I am with some good news: I'm doing my thing again.

(No, not the thing including spoons, awful sounds and lots of mysterious fluids - I'm talking about skinning)

I've joined the WireHead Studios team, who are currently working on Generations Arena.
This mod will bring back the good old times we've all had playing Wolfenstein, Doom and the two older Quakes. The Doom class is nearly done as I type this, only one weapon left to skin. Expect a shot of all the doom weapons soon.
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