Generic hand model
2009-09-01, 22:10
Generic hand model
Hand by Tabun
Quake 3 Arena (Generations Arena mod)
Generic model
April 24, 2004
A generic hand model for the Gen. mod. Rigged and animated, this is my first venture in realistic anatomy-modelling and animating.
I made it for use in the Generations Q3A-mod, but I'm sure it'll serve in other cases aswell, since it IS a generic hand model..
I'm quite happy with it, considering I had to re-rig it only once before I liked the results, and it turned out my initial mesh needed little adjustment. Learnt a lot about IK bones and Physique in the process.

The skin took me about 8-10 hours, didn't keep track much. I'm still kind of shoddy when it comes to realistic skin handpaints, but I'm learning.

Polycount: 650
Skins: 1x 512x512
Time spent: 5 days (approx 25 hours)
Technique used: 3D studio max Editable Poly + IK bones + Physique
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Model shots
Model shots
Skin shot
Skin shot
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